Embark on these plant-based medical psychedelic wellness retreats in the U.S (and near the U.S) for restorative healing

Faye Bradley

The notion of plant-based retreats has been around for millennia, with indigenous communities and our ancestors in Asia, Africa and Europe using natural resources to support self-healing. Plant-based wellness refers to anything that only uses plants in its practices. For example, veganism is a form of plant-based wellness. Other types of plant-based medical wellness can include psilocybin and ayahuasca retreats which are more commonly found in Amsterdam and South America where psychedelics are more embraced. If you’re looking for an alternative form of plant-based wellness retreats, here are some options to consider.

Origen Sagrada

Join Origen Sagrada on an immersive ayahuasca retreat in California, Colorado, Connecticut or Colombia. The U.S. retreats run four times a year and follow the upheld standards and ancestral rules of its renowned Colombian retreats. Groups of like-minded health and wellness advocates adjourn to search for self-healing and celebrate the ancient power of medicinal plants while paying tribute to the guidance of the spirits and ancestors protected by indigenous Taitas and Elders, the great spiritual leaders. You can opt for one of the U.S. retreats or travel further into the Andes mountains outside of Medellin, where Origen Sagrada’s EcoResort resides. The nature-clad property is surrounded by lush vegetation and makes the perfect backdrop for spiritual healing. Guests are invited to join ceremonies at the Maloka by the river to watch fireflies and watch the water flow. Tuck into farm-fresh food and glamping accommodation, before trying the ayahuasca brew which is prepared in the Amazon.

Soul Quest

Founded by medical expert Chris Young, and Verena Young, an integration coach with a background in spiritual counseling and addiction recovery, Soul Quest, Orlando is a holistic healing experience that integrates ayahuasca in its practices. Guests can stay at camping accommodations or private cabins and lodges after spending the day with a sacred smoke cleanse ceremony and participating in sound meditation. Find yourself through personal evolution with one of the most powerful shamanic medicines, backed by a professional and psychotherapeutic approach to finding answers to your life questions. The spiritual retreat center takes place at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth and welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Posada Natura

On the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Posada Natura designs programs for transformational healing, personal development and spiritual growth, with a heavy emphasis on traditional holistic health practices mental health and retreating in nature. The wellness center is led by highly experienced healers and facilitators supported by mental health professionals, taking an integrative medicine approach steeped in traditional practices, Eastern spirituality and modern psychology. Learn to reconnect and rejuvenate while listening to the vibrant energy of the ancient rainforest, flowing rivers and warm ocean in the natural environment. 

Ember Health

With two centers in New York, Ember Health works with people who are managing depression and aspiring to live their best life, by supporting them with safe, effective solutions The healing center provides safe, effective ketamine treatment for people seeking relief from depression. Many patients have trouble finding solutions that work, with traditional antidepressants coming with a lot of side effects. Everything is backed by evidence-based personal care and research to thoroughly source the most productive methods to personalize journeys towards self-healing in a monitored, secure space.

Atman Retreat

Atman Retreat aims to help people explore the full potential of the psychedelic experience in a safe and intentional manner. Retreats are held in Jamaica, where psilocybin mushrooms are legal and guests stay in beautiful villas on the beachfront. The program welcomes newbies to psychedelics to seasoned psychonauts who are interested in fulfiling their self-healing journeys. 

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