Cure Social Anxiety Disorder – Tips to Make Talking to People Easier

By Drew C.

Social anxiety disorder is a problem that many people suffer, if you feel yourself uncomfortable
and urge to escape as soon as possible from social situations then you probably know what I’m
going to talk about. This article will give you some tips how to be better at social situations and
be less nervous.

As I said in the intro you might get urge to escape, but just remember not to do it, this wont help
you at all, it just makes your social anxiety disorder worse. Sometimes it may happen that even
though you try to stay there but you will still eventually escape, just don’t give up because of
this, it’s totally okay if it happens sometimes.

There are always people who doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all starting a talk with
complete stranger, but truth is that almost every person actually feels uncomfortable, they just
don’t show it, so there is no reason to think that you’re so much different from people who
doesn’t have social anxiety disorder.

Before jumping into social situation be prepared, think about some topics to talk about, as this
will help you to avoid uncomfortable quiet situations. If you don’t feel comfortable talking, it’s
really good idea to ask questions which is usually much more easier and most people love to
talk about themselves. Just make sure that you wont ask too much – you should sometimes add
some comments or tell a little about yourself.

Really often it might happen that you have nothing to talk about so you just choose to be quiet
and later when you have some ideas, you just feel that it’s strange to start talking after being
around someone quietly for long time – don’t ever think that, it’s totally okay to start speaking no
matter how long has the uncomfortable silence been because usually other person feels
uncomfortable as well, even though it may be hard to notice.

If you’re not sure what questions to ask it’s best to ask about persons hobbies, what kind of
music he or she listens to and school or work related questions. Often when someone asks you
a question that person is actually hoping that you will ask the same question as well, so after
answering the question you can say for example “What about you?”.

Always remember to be interested what person is talking about and encourage them to talk
more, if somebody talks to you will increase your confidence, and will make much easier for you
to tell about your thoughts and opinions and don’t let quiet breaks bring you down, it happens
sometimes – there is no reason to quickly start talking something.

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