The Perfect Holiday Cruise – Luxury Gulet Cruises

By Ali Keskin

One of the truly intercontinental tourist destinations is the beautiful country of Turkey near the
Mediterranean Sea. Turkey reflects the influences of both Europe and Asia and its coastlines
are considered to be the most beautiful in the Mediterranean stretch. Tranquil and lonely
coastlines, stunning beaches and amazing resorts dot the enchanting coasts of Turkey and
each of them are virtually a great temptation to tourists and travellers but the best thing to try
are the luxury gulet holidays in Turkey.

First let’s get down to the basics- a gulet is a traditional Mediterranean ship that was used
mostly by traders and sometimes by fishermen. These traditional boats were made of wood and
their length was their main characteristic. The modern day gulets are in no way different in
shape but what has changed is that now they are designed more like luxury cruises and are
used as such. No longer are gulets the choice of fishermen and traders, but they are mostly
used for luxury cruises by holiday makers for a holiday out in the beautiful waters of the

But other than the Mediterranean only, Turkey also offers the uniquely European coasts of the
Adriatic Sea. This side of the Turkish coasts goes by the name of Croatian Blue and the
highlights of this region are the medieval European cities and coasts like Dalmatia, Dubrovnik,
Korcula and Krka Waterfalls, etc.

The historic legacy of Turkey can’t be visited in a single day and for that travellers need to
charter gulet cruises Turkey. These cruises come in two varieties, one in which you book one
along with some other travellers which will keep you in a group. The other one is in which you charter a single cruise where you can spend some real quality time with your near and dear
ones. The latter is among the most popular ones as it guarantees immense peace and quiet
along with great service and facilities. Be it snorkelling in the clear waters of Turquoise Bay,
hiking on some secluded Mediterranean Islands or visiting some historic town on the coasts,
Luxury gulet cruises in turkey have all the ingredients for a successful and memorable holiday.
You can find a whole host of gulet holidays Turkey and tour operators on the internet who have
a variety of great deals on sale. Check customer reviews and testimonials in the site to better
understand the reputation of the site. Before booking any Gulet Cruises Holidays turkey prepare
an itinerary for the trip and map out the places that you want to visit. Then accordingly search
for the tour provider that gives the best deal on your itinerary and then book it. Have a great


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