Celebrate International Women’s Day With These Female-Led Wellness Brands

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re paying tribute to these inspiring entrepreneurs leading the wellness industry. 

March 8, International Women’s Day

Faye Bradley

Who runs the world? Girls. As Beyonce once put it, women are at the forefront of many game-changing businesses globally, including the wellness sector. Healthy minds and bodies come together from all over to create innovative offerings for wellness seekers. Here are some of the most established women-led wellness brands which we’re celebrating today – and every day of the year.

Activewear: Alala by Denise Lee

Taking its name from the Greek goddess, Alala, the namesake brand by Denise Lee encompasses all the strengths of being a woman. Lee started her activewear brand in 2014 when she realized that there was a gap in the market at the time – a lack of color and pattern in fitness. Her ‘ah-ha’ moment came when she was training for her first triathlon and she couldn’t find a casual activewear brand in her region. She wanted something that could easily transition between gym, office, and even happy hour. Playful yet sophisticated, Alala embraces a day-to-night aesthetic, inspired by the lives of busy New York City folk running between spin classes and post-work dinners. Products range from sleek sports bras to chic biker shorts.

Beauty: The Lip Bar by Melissa Butler

Melissa Butler founded The Lip Bar in 2012, after years of frustration with the beauty industry. She wanted to create something free from unnecessary chemicals, cruelty-free and vegan, and available in a wider selection of colors. Looking to stray away from what was dictating the beauty market, Butler created her own range of lipcare and is now making waves in the industry. Treat your lips well and guilt-free – plus, The Lip Bar has now expanded into other types of makeup, which follow the same ethos.  

Nutrition: Wellory by Emily Hochman

Tired of trying out countless diets – many of which don’t seem to be working for you? Emily Hochman felt the exact same, which is why she started her own research and studying to find something that worked for her. She discovered the concept of bio-individuality and realized this need for personalized nutrition accessible for all. The Forbes Under 30 entrepreneur developed the app Wellory, for a simple and effective solution to build healthy habits with the help of experts – all at your fingertips. Hochman aims to help individuals build a better relationship with food, one step at a time.

Women’s Health: Saalt Cup by Cherie Hoeger and Amber Fawson

There has been a surge in demand for reusable women’s menstrual cups since many of us realized the need for an alternative to single-use pads and tampons. One such company answering this calling is Saalt Cup, a mother-led sustainable period menstrual cups and underwear brand designed for women. The story began with Cherie Hoeger, the CEO and co-founder of Saalt Cup. Hoeger received a phone call with her aunt in Venezuela, where pads and tampons had not been available in stores for years. As a mother of five daughters, she immediately realized the need for a solution, after imagining herself in the same situation. In February 2018, Hoeger launched the Saalt Cup, a clean, sustainably-sourced, ethically-made product. It can perform anywhere, from marathon runs to a night out with the girls.

Yoga Retreat: Sewall House Yoga Retreats by Donna Sewall Davidge

Dating back as far as 1865 – when the Sewall House was first built – Donna Sewall Davidge’s yoga retreat is more fascinating upon closer inspection. The historic site was once home to Davidge’s great grandfather William Sewall, who taught a young Theodore Roosevelt the beauty of nature. Fast forward to 1997, when Davidge, an experienced yoga teacher, and former model, converted the space into a welcoming yoga retreat. She has taught tens of thousands of hours in New York City in groups and privately, as well as workshops in Canada, Italy, and Costa Rica. Embark on a yoga experience with a small group amid serene surroundings with the expert leaders of the retreat, including Sewall, the founder.

Fitness: TREMBLE by Aryan Rashed

Pilates was Aryan Rashed’s calling to fitness, which is how she started her boutique chain, TREMBLE. Her journey began in Miami, where she opened her first studio which became an instant hit among fellow fitness enthusiasts. Although classes are designed to cater to different levels of experience, TREMBLE is a challenge for all. Rashed hopes to make workouts fun yet rewarding, thanks to the high-intensity routines. The brand is quickly expanding and is already set to open more studios across the city.

Modern Wellness Therapy: WTHN by Dr. Shari Auth and Michelle Larivee

Taking a modern approach to traditional therapies, WTHN offers accessible acupuncture and herbal remedies. Opening its acupuncture studio in New York, founders Dr. Shari Auth and Michelle Larivee aim to bring these traditional practices to a new light. Auth is a certified doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture who has worked with A-listers including Olivia Wilde. WTHN offers a rejuvenating menu with treatments ranging from facial acupuncture to LED light therapy. Auth and Larivee hope to open the minds of wellness seekers to integrate TCM and absorb the benefits in their daily regime.


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