Beating Stress With Ayurvedic Retreat

By Scott C Brown

The most unhealthy places on earth can be anywhere within a city. If you happen live in a highly
urbanized setting, you may have all the amenities and the conveniences within reach but you
also have all the factors for catching diseases and other ailments present. It is not just the
environment that can make you unhealthy though. In fact, it can probably be your way of life.
Stress is an ailment that you yourself make and the best way to beat it is to detach yourself from
the very things that can make you stressful. This can be done by leaving work for a moment and
take an ayurvedic retreat.

An ayurvedic retreat is not just any escape in the manner that you do with a much awaited
vacation leave. It is not just rest and recreation but physical and mental rejuvenation. During the
retreat, you get to have the opportunity of learning a new lifestyle, one that observes the tenets
of the world’s oldest form of health science, which is the ayurveda. Although it promotes health
primarily, the ayurveda actually involves more, including emotional well-being and spirituality.
After all, ayurveda in the literal sense means the science of life.

For ayurveda retreat to work effectively, the suitable environment is a major factor. If you wish to
experience the ayurveda’s benefits, you should not just go to a spa that is located in the heart of
the bustling city you live in. The best place to do this is somewhere you can actually commune
with nature. This is because ayurveda is a healing process, wherein only natural remedies are
applied. There are herbal supplements and oils that will be used on you. All these remedies will
work even better if the environment is natural too. Therefore, a garden resort will surely be
advantageous towards this end. You should see to it that the location of the retreat provides you
the necessary relaxing and curative atmosphere.

To achieve optimum results, you should make your ayurveda retreat a bit longer than just a
couple of days. The retreat is a brief lifestyle change, which is why two days is definitely not
enough. This is when you leave all your worries outside the place of retreat and think only of
what is best for your body and mind. You will not only experience a soothing environment. You
will also have massages that can remove all the acquired tension from your body. Being an
alternative lifestyle, you will eat only the most healthy and yet delicious meals during your stay
at a resort. A weeklong stay may be more than enough to rejuvenate you and to prepare you to
experience once again the hassles of your life outside the resort.


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